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Having a mentor in basketball is a huge key to success. You want somebody who has been in the kid’s position. Someone who had to learn how to make a middle school team, or a varsity team. Someone who has been a starter and someone who has come off the bench. Kids need someone to show them how to navigate their sport. But to go even farther, you need a mentor for life. All these factors have contributed to why I started GB GO BEYOND.

Geo Baker was a standout athlete for Rutgers Men’s Basketball from 2017-2022, playing a critical role in the transformation of the program. By the time he finished his college basketball career, Geo had stamped his name into the Rutgers record books for various career statistics. 

One of only two players in program history to reach 1,550+points, 450+ assists, 350+ rebounds and 150+plus steals.

8th All-time Scoring: 1654 points
2nd All-time Assists: 496
5th All-Time Steals: 180

4x All-Big Ten (two 3rd team selections and two honorable mentions)


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